With alarming incidents that have had the potential to bring down established financial institutions, the world is acknowledging Operational Risk and directing resources management of emerging operational risks and building monitoring & control tools to avoid tail events. With new challenges in the market environment brought on by legal and regulatory demands, including Basel III, MiFID, Sarbanes-Oxley and Solvency II, the need for organizations to indulge in measurement and management of operational risk is rapidly gaining momentum.

We offer end-to-end solutions for developing and completing your operational risk management framework, covering all aspects of people, processes, systems and external risks. Our team of experts have helped our clients across the world in developing operational risk management policies, Loss Data Management (LDM) framework as well as risk monitoring & mitigation programs such as Risk Control and Self-Assessment (RCSA), Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). Weaving all these critical elements together, we have successfully guided organizations to advanced capital computation methodologies, such as AMA. These can assist banks in improving operational efficiency, minimizing losses, reducing risk and optimizing capital usage.