Policies play a pivotal role in Banks for:

  • Alignment to the regulatory framework
  • Instituting ownership and structure
  • Establishing a governance framework
  • Defining rules, quality standards and limits
  • Communicating strategies to relevant stakeholders
  • Broad guidelines for business and operations

We advise clients on how to formulate relevant credit risk policies and set up an appropriate governance structure as part of their credit risk management framework. Our work with banks involves:

  • Defining roles and responsibilities of the existing credit risk organizational structure
  • Analyzing credit risk processes and policies, thereby suggesting improvements or realignment
  • Incorporating an efficient internal reporting system, as well as MIS
  • Analyzing and, if need be, restructuring the corporate governance structure
  • Analyzing and suggesting improvements in the credit approval workflow

Through our experience with banks across geographies, we have devised a complete framework that covers key areas in policy and procedures.